How to Increase Website Conversion Rate?

Website conversion rate varies by industry but overall it averages out at 2%. That means for every 100 visitors on your website, you can expect to only get 2 conversions. This is pretty good but many sites only get a 0.1 to 0.2% conversion rate. This means it takes 1000 visitors to only get 1 customer.
The following is a short guide on how to easily improve conversion rates.

How do we improve conversion rates?

  1. Remove unnecessary or irrelevant form fields
  2. Add testimonials, reviews, and use logos or photos of people to add trust
  3. Remove distractions and improve user experience
  4. Improve your CTA copy
  5. Test your headlines

Remove Unnecessary or Irrelevant Form Fields

I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve come across forms with an absurd amount of fields with questions that no one really needs the answer to.

This is one of the best ways to reduce conversion rate and you should aim to keep forms as short as possible.

If you have one, talk to your sales team and work out the minimum amount of information you need from leads to still be able sell your product or service to them.

Add testimonials, reviews, and use logos or photos of people to add trust

You can put potential customers' minds at ease by showing testimonials and/or reviews from past customers on your website.

On landing pages, logos of companies that you’ve worked with or that use your product instantly create trust with visitors

Remove distractions and improve user experience

Your landing page should be simple and easy to navigate. Only include information that is essential. Only provide what your visitors need to know.

To help optimise your landing page and to work out what is distracting your users you can install programs like Hotjar which provide you with heatmaps to show how users are interacting with your website.

Hotjar Heatmap Example

Improve your CTA copy

Generic CTAs like “Sign up” and “Start trial” are boring and overused, therefore they don’t give you the best conversion rates.

Start your CTAs with “Yes.” This is highly effective because it portrays the offer in a positive light.

Depending on how your website is set up you may be able to A/B test your CTAs to test and see what format works best for your users.

Test your headlines

Headlines can make or break a landing page. If you take the wrong approach, some people won’t read any further and will simply leave your website.

According to Copyblogger 80% of people on average will read your headline, but only 20% will read the rest.

Testing the following variables could have a huge impact on the overall conversion rate of your website:

  • Length
  • Tone
  • Use of statistics
  • Use of numbers

Hopefully the above tips will help boost your conversion rate and get you more leads/sales.

See how I used these techniques to double MRR for Enter Network

Using these techniques I was able to develop a landing page for Enter Network that got an 8% conversion rate.

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