What is the Ben Line?

The Ben Line is a very poorly named concept of mine for automating the optimisation of Google Ads campaigns within large accounts.

It involves a couple of steps to identify campaigns and then a lot of rules and scripts that aim to drive campaigns along the Ben Line to optimal performance which is shown in the diagram below as the 3 grey squares.

The Ben Line

The Performance Matrix

Campaigns are placed along a grid based on how well they are performing against a KPI and by how much they are spending vs the target spend for that campaign.

This grid is a useful visual tool for seeing which campaigns are spending too much, or too little on the Y-axis and then on the X-axis, performing poorly or perhaps exceeding the performance target.

The Grid

Each box on this grid will have different rules associated with it that aim to do different things depending on that individual campaign's performance. This can be anything from bid and budget changes to eventually being able to change ad copy or keywords automatically.

The Quadrants

Okay, they aren’t really quadrants but I think it still helps with what I’m talking about.

Each quadrant has one larger goal that sits above the rules inside of it. These can be seen in the colour key.

The Ben Line Colour Key

These are simpler top-line goals that outline the way a campaign is moved along the Ben Line.

The Why?

I’m always looking to improve efficiencies and for me, this is always about systemising things I do every day.

Once I can systemise a repeating task I can then work on optimising as many steps of it as I can. For my regular work in Google Ads, the repeated task (and probably most time-consuming) are the smaller, frequent optimisations in the Google Ads interface. So I started looking for ways to reduce this.

The Ben Line was one of many solutions that I trialled and so far it seems to be doing really well for the clients where I utilise its principles.

The Results

I’ve been running this strategy in a very minimal form for almost two months and as you can see below, not only has it helped reduced overspending and bring costs down by £2.7k but it has also massively improved ROAS from 539% to over 900%.

The Ben Line Performance

As this strategy has been taking on all of the bid and budget changes by itself it has opened up a lot of time for me to work on more top-level strategy, research and working on optimising the client's product feed.

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