What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn offers some great advertising opportunities for businesses who want to reach and interact with their audience. LinkedIn InMail is the perfect place to not only generate sales but build a relationship with people in and out of your industry.

LinkedIn has lots of features that make it great for connecting with other companies and professionals. One of these tools is LinkedIn InMail.

What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is a basic but useful feature for businesses on LinkedIn. InMail allows you to message users on LinkedIn, without having to connect with them. LinkedIn describes InMail as ‘private messages that allow you to contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information.’

How Do I Get LinkedIn InMail?

InMail is only available to companies and users who pay for it through LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn InMail Best Practice?

Before messaging anyone with InMail you need to make sure your profile is completely filled out and suitable for the work you do. InMail will be your first interaction with someone so you need to make a good impression if they were to click through to your profile.

To help with this you need to articulate your message correctly. Don’t sound too robotic or spammy and don’t go straight in with a sales pitch. Include a personal detail about yourself too.

How to send LinkedIn Inmail?

First off you will need a LinkedIn premium account. Each level of premium has a different amount of inMails included. Premium Business has 15 monthly messages, Sales Navigator Professional has a total of 20, Sales Navigator Team has 30, and Sales Navigator Enterprise has 50.

Find the LinkedIn user you want to contact and go to their profile. Then, click the “Message” button underneath their profile photo.

LinkedIn Profile

Next write your InMail message (or copy and paste a pre-written template) and finally, customise the InMail message and send. Customisation could be as simple as changing the name to theirs in your template or including a personal detail from their profile.

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