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Apr 1, 2021 -

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244% month-on-month profit growth

CPA reduced from £16 - £4.99

I started running the marketing activity for 1066 Publishing April 2021.

What is 1066 Publishing

1066 Publishing sells family keepsake books for mums and dads. They are an ecommerce client that weren’t running any paid media activity. After I was brought on to do marketing I started running Facebook ads for them and saw great success, managing to increase their profit by 244% per month on average (over the last 7 months).

At the start of the project I also arranged for some photography so that I had some new images to use in ads. These great images of the products were taken by Shendao Silent Films.

Mums Life Book
Dads Life Book on Chessboard
Mums Like Book Open With Flowers

The Project

1066 Publishing sells books for £19.50 and prior to my involvement at the start of this year, were selling a few books a month at a loss. Now closing in on the end of 2021 they are selling over 100 books per month at a 400% ROAS and this continues to improve every month.

I initially created 8 ad tests split between Google and Facebook, with 2 campaigns on Google and 6 on Facebook. I soon paused the Google ads as I could tell it was spreading the test budget too thin.

The remaining campaigns on Facebook used a variety of audiences that I wanted to test:

  • Younger parents
  • Older parents
  • Lookalike audiences based on people that have purchased items on the site
  • Ultimately, this didn’t happen because conversion tracking wasn’t set up. I soon set this up for the client so that we could run future activity with remarketing audiences.
  • All Parents

I wanted to test these audiences with single images and carousel ads to see if there was a significant difference in performance.

Fast forward to today and I’m running 13 ads per month on average across Awareness, Consideration and Remarketing campaigns.

All of this has helped build campaigns that drive increasingly better results each month and an overall marketing plan that has grown company profits by an average of 244% per month.

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