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Jan 17, 2021 - Apr 17, 2021

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600% Increase in website conversion rate

118.4% Increase in MRR

107% Increase in user retention

Enter Network was a project I joined as a co-founder in January 2021 and I worked on the project for 3 months before leaving for personal reasons.

What is Enter Network?

Enter Network is an amazing community that connects entrepreneurs from around the world with online and in-person meetup events as well as a lively Slack channel. Enter Network aims to connect and educate like minded individuals to help people start and grow businesses.

What were my responsibilities?

At Enter Network I focussed on Marketing and Customer Acquisition whereas the other founder focussed on business development.

Below are the stats from the time I was doing work with Enter Network. This was a collaborative effort and involved work from myself and from the other amazing founder.

Enter Network Stats

Customer Acquisition

My strategy would ultimately end up revolving around a new landing page and then running Google Search ads to the page.

The image at the top of this page is the landing page I designed for my customer acquisition marketing campaign

This landing page ended up with an overall average conversion rate of around 5.6% which increased over time and ended on being a staggering 8% over the last two weeks of the campaign. This crushed the conversion rate of the usual homepage on the website. Some of the methods I used to increase conversion rate I’ve written about in a recent article here.

The conversion action we were tracking for this campaign was user sign ups.

To promote this new landing page I ran Google Search ads. These ads targeted people searching for things like ‘Communities for entrepreneurs’, ‘How to connect with other entrepreneurs’, etc

I would say that this ad campaign and landing was a big success driving 128% more customers when compared to the previous time period.

Customer Retention

Something I also focussed on was the customers experience after signing up. To help with this experience I used a program called Encharge to build email flows for users that signed up to Enter Network. Not only did this reduce manual work to send confirmation emails, product updates and reminders but it also allowed us to funnel more users from free to paid members.

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