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Rankd is a company I formed with my friend Kristian Floate. Rankd is a platform that allows artists, promoters and management companies to view, track and analyse musician performance on social and streaming platforms. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for these people to increase a following. We have local leaderboards, systems to track artist data and data aggregation tools which we can use in custom built dashboards for customers to basically help them with everything they need to do for artist management.

The Work:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Backend system setup
  • Databasing

Rankd is definitely the most technically challenging piece of work I've completed. It involved building an entire CMS, backend management system, responsive front-end and an entire database for tracking it all. Rankd is a fast paced company where I have been making technical changes rapidly based on feedback or a long-list of features we are aiming to implement. We have a changelog tracking this here: Rankd Changelog

I have also started building a Rankd mobile app but this is still in development.

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