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Nov 7, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

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What is Tubbs Computer Supplies?

Tubbs Computer Supplies has been providing Refurbished Computers to local Sussex Residents in need since 2013. They work with local individuals as well as Businesses, Charities and Government Agencies.

What did I do?

In 2019 I approached TCS and offered to design them a logo and a website for free to help support their charity. It was a basic site but hopefully it allowed them to reach more people in need and help deliver on their goals.

In 2021 they changed there website but still kept the logo I designed for them shown below:

Tubbs Computer Supplies Logo

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Need help marketing your charity?

This is a project I'm doing in my free time so please understand if I take longer than expected to respond. I also can't say how many people will take this offer so if I become to busy to complete this free work then I can add you to a waitlist or help you find someone else to do the work.

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